It’s time to get to work.

My great grandfather, Amedee Gobeil, emigrated from Canada. He followed the railroad tracks to Auburn, opened a small barbershop, and alongside my great grandmother, raised nine girls. My grandparents worked at the shoe mills and provided for a family of five. My parents get up at dawn every morning and have done so for over thirty-five years. By any measure, my folks are hard workers; and they did it all so I would have better opportunities. Now it’s my turn to lay the tracks for the next generation. It’s time to get to work.

Kimberly Sampson, Candidate for State Senate

Kimberly’s story could be any Mainer’s story. It’s the story of a family working to create a legacy by the inevitable passage of tradition over time. It’s the story of a family endeavoring to build something for the generations to follow. Kimberly’s family made sure to teach her these same traditions. She understands the need to create something more, something greater, for future generations, and she is dedicated to continuing the tradition.  That is why she is running to represent the hardworking people of Auburn, Mechanic Falls, Minot, New Gloucester, and Poland.